Sirius Team Challenge

sirius team challengeAs most of you know from my previous posts, I’m passionate about dog training and love doing Rally with our lurcher Dixie. So it’s really exciting to introduce you to a new team sport for rescue dogs that is starting next year, and we are involved with as sponsors.

Let your rescue dog be a star…

What is it?

The Sirius Team Challenge is a new competitive event for dogs designed by renowned sighthound trainer Jim Greenwood. It’s complementary to other dog activities and sports such as agility and Rally, and has been developed using entirely positive training methods.

Teams of dogs representing rescues compete in a series of regional heats, with a grand final at the 2016 Chatsworth Country Fair (to be confirmed). The winning team will win a cash prize for their rescue, plus other great prizes.

During the competition, the teams compete in the ring, doing a multi disciplinary round of exercises. These use a variety of skills drawn from the natural behaviours of the dog emphasising the skill set that has made the dog our valued companion; whether it be a pet or a worker, it is all about the partnership.

Who can do it?

The Team Challenge has been designed for teams, each team representing a dog rescue organisation. Teams are made up of three or four handlers, each with a dog. In competition, the best three rounds are counted. You don’t need to be a specialist dog trainer – if your dog enjoys training and responds to basic cues such as Sit, Down and Stay you can have a go and enjoy it!

As well as the team events, we are also hoping to hold individual events where you and your dog can just turn up and join in.

How do I get involved?

Join our mailing list to be kept updated on what’s new, and how to attend training events and competitions.

Our first training event has been organised for Saturday 16th January 2016 and others are being planned for later in the year.

A full schedule of events will be published on our Events Pages and through our mailing list as dates are finalised.

You can find out more about Sirius Team Challenge.

Here’s hoping this lovely new challenge makes 2016 a great time for rescue hounds - why not give it a try?

Published: 29th December 2015