Great Global Greyhound Walk 2016

gggw logo 2016We are rapidly approaching one of the most enjoyable dates in the greyhound calendar, Sunday 19th June marks the annual Great Global Greyhound Walk. It all started a few years ago when the wonderful Janet Peacock thought it would be a good idea if a walk took place simultaneously across the UK on one day a year to show the world what superb companions our hounds make. It’s that blissfully simple – you don’t have to pay, or book, or be a member or support any particular organisation. You don’t even have to have a greyhound! Lots of the walks are glad to welcome Honorary Greyhounds.

From its British beginnings the walk has now spread and walks take place all over Europe, America and the southern hemisphere with New Zealand really getting on board with the idea. If you haven’t decided yet where to walk, the website will allow you to see where walks are taking place. You don’t have to pick the one nearest you – we know lots of people who travel to walks so that they can meet up with friends or enjoy a particular locale. Many of the walks now incorporate fun socialising as well – picnics and barbeques – and this year the walks have a carnival theme so colourful dress for you (and hounds) is welcome.

This year the Milgi hounds will be joining the walk in Libanus, near Brecon – enjoying a beautiful stroll from the Brecon Beacons National Park visitor centre. Milgi Coats is sponsoring commemorative rosettes for all participants (gorgeous carnival colours, and supplied by Chamleigh Rosettes) plus we’ve been supported by Fish4Dogs who’ve provided some lovely free goodie bags for all the canine participants.

If there’s no walk near you, or you have an especially reactive hound, you can even take part by registering as a Little Local Walk – just you and your hounds, but with the added pleasure of knowing that you are joining with thousands of others across the world, each of us taking a small, positive step to share awareness about what great companions our greyhounds make. Each year, it’s especially wonderful when we hear about dogs who have been homed as a result of meeting adopters on a walk, and the walks generate lots of really positive publicity for greyhound adoption and ownership.

There’s a very active Facebook page which gives lots of information and answers questions. After the walks have taken place, it’s always really exciting to see the numbers rolling in. Each year, numbers have grown with both numbers of hounds, numbers of walks and countries covered going up. One of the very magical things about the greyhound community is the friendliness of fellow hound owners – we love how adopting our hounds has opened the door to an amazing community who love nothing better than getting together for a fun day out with our beautiful dogs.

The walks are kept free of charge by the merchandise shop which sells things like car stickers, collars, coats (via us!) and other goodies. This plus sponsorship from businesses like us helps to fund things like the website, insurance for all walks (so essential these days), publicity material etc. Walk organisers therefore don’t have to pay for their own walk insurance and this way all events can be free of charge for participants (some local parking charges may apply – check with your chosen walk).

If you’re taking part, hope you have a wonderful time.

Published: 13th June 2016