Merry Christmas and a Houndy New Year to all our Customers and Friends

christmas dog fleece coat modelled by percyI wanted to write to all our customers and friends to wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2015 has been another wonderful year for us – the business has continued to grow and we’ve loved meeting so many of you at different shows and events. Some of the highlights:

The arrival of our little lurcher Dixie in April – unexpected, but a great pleasure. If you see us at shows, she is often with us, and is now a regular feature on our website. Dixie came from EGLR – a great rescue.

The Great British Greyhound Walk in June – we are proud to support this in a variety of ways. We have the honour of making a special coat for the Hambassador, and we featured special fundraising GBGW coats on our own website. We’ve helped to promote the event and were delighted to sponsor the rosettes for this year’s Bling My Bandana competition. And of course we took part on the big day!

Massive thanks to our special team of twelve amazing stunt whippets who kindly helped by testing a new range of whippet coats – these are being launched in 2016. These twelve whippets have been measured, photographed and worn all sorts of templates in the interests of getting a fantastic understanding of the right cut and sizing. They’ve been superstars – thank you all.

Lots of work behind the scenes to make our website easy and smooth to use if you are viewing on a tablet or smartphone.

Making some beautiful emergency coats for the lambs at Hugletts Wood Animal Sanctuary.

Continuing to help a wide variety of rescues, both for sighthounds and Staffies (especially the wonderful Senior Staffy Club).

2016 is already looking like it will be busy. I’m looking forward to:

January being the month of our annual online fun dog show – every year this just gets bigger and better. We’ve got some new features – a class for Galgos/Podencos, and special rosettes for Best Tripod, Highest Number of Entries, Oldest in show, and Voyager (from the furthest away). All the rosettes are being specially made for us by Heather at Celebration Rosettes (and this year, I think they are the best yet!) and of course the overall winners will be able to nominate their favourite rescue for a donation. Classes open on January 2nd and judging will be on Saturday 23rd January. Click here for more info.

Launching our Whippets line. We’re busy behind the scenes doing the preparations at the moment.

If you see us at shows regularly, you’ll be familiar with our lovely old green tent. Unfortunately, four seasons of shows have taken their toll, and it was looking rather wonky, so this year we are investing in a smart new gazebo, ready for spring and our event season. Look out for us!

Some lovely new fabrics – we’re testing a couple at the moment in fleece and we are choosing some gorgeous cottons for new season bandanas.

Continuing to support the wonderful work of rescues – we have a couple of new ideas in the pipeline, and of course we will maintain our Dreamcoat programme and other support.

Great British Greyhound Walk – 19th June 2016 - we are proud to continue our support for this wonderful event, which has grown to be a global success.

Sirius Team Challenge – a brilliant new competition for teams of rescue dogs that we are very excited to be sponsoring. Regular readers will know how much I burble on about the importance (and pleasure!) of training – this will be a great showcase for demonstrating that you don’t need a pedigree (or to be a Border Collie) to have fun and enjoy lots of activities with your dog. First training event is on 16th January – why not make this a Christmas present to yourself?

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our customers, friends and suppliers. I’d particularly like to thank Nina and her team at the workshop who make your orders, share my passion for fabric, and occasionally need a stiff vodka.

Wishing you and your hounds a joyful Christmas and a New Year filled with happiness and love.

Published: 24th December 2015