Waterproof Scuba Coats for Greyhounds and Lurchers

moonlight garden waterproof scuba coat for greyhoundsI’m absolutely thrilled to announce that from today we have in stock all sizes of our gorgeous new scuba coats for greyhounds and lurchers. As far as we know, we are the first dog coat manufacturer to make a coat using this fabric and we’re really excited about it.

Scuba is a relatively new fabric to the market, it’s often confused with neoprene, used to make wetsuits, but in fact it’s different in several ways. It’s made by knitting polyester and lycra together, which gives it amazing flexibility so it will contour beautifully to your dog’s shape. The fabric doesn’t fray or tear easily and it’s resistant to water - try pouring a glass of water over it and just watch the water roll off. We’ve also lined our scuba coats with a soft, breathable cotton flannel to make it even more comfortable for your dog. As with all our coats it’s got an easily adjustable Velcro strap for comfort and the edges are bound to help ensure the coat hangs beautifully.

We made up a sample coat earlier in the year and Dixie, our lurcher, has been testing it thoroughly. If you know Dixie, you’ll know that this includes a great deal of swamp wallowing, grass rolling and general muddy fun, along with regular trips to the beach and all sorts of other adventures. Her coat has been washed regularly and is still looking flawless. You can use a normal domestic machine and I usually use a 40° programme, and then hang it over the back of the chair for it to dry. The coat fabric itself will be dry in no time.

We know that customers loved our previous range of patterned raincoats and we think the Scuba coat is going to fill that gap brilliantly. Our first design is Moonlight Garden, a beautiful design that’s covered in flower blossoms and individual flowers, with the odd peacock feather, all gently bathed in a soft moonlight glow. We think it’s a stunning design and we are very excited about the richness of colour and beautiful crisp detailing on this gorgeous fabric.

greyhound raincoats in scuba fabricScuba fabric is also suitable for digital printing. Last year, I travelled up to London and had an interesting day at a print fair for the fashion industry and I came home having purchased several digital prints. These designs are now exclusive to us and you will never see them being used by any other manufacturer. Later in the year we’ll be introducing these to our range.

Our "Moonlight Garden" scuba coats are now in stock and ready to post with all our standard sizes available – 22” to 32”.

Though it’s a bold floral design the coat looks amazing on both boys and girls - the photos show Jack and Sara modelling the scuba coat - and you can see it looks stunning on a black boy!

Published: 24th July 2017