New Fleece Coats for Spring 2017

We’ve got information on comings and goings in our fleece coats range. First, some of the fabrics that are leaving us. These are no longer being stocked by our wholesaler, so when our current stocks are gone that’s it, some of these are already limited availability:

  • Very Berry Star
  • Raspberry Stripes
  • Purple Spot

But with these leaving the range, that leaves room for new fabrics - hurray! So I’d like to introduce you to four lovely new coats for greyhounds, lurchers and whippets that are now available to buy.

Navy with turquoise fleece coat

greyhound fleece coat in navy with turquoiseOur navy and charcoal fleece coat has been a deserved hit for the boys who are wanting a smart, understated coat. Now we’ve introduced a fresher, brighter look coat with navy being partnered with bright turquoise. It’s still ideal if you want a quieter coat, but is a gorgeous update for Spring, which has already started selling well in the larger sizes, especially for big male greyhounds.

The photo shows our gorgeous new boy Jack modelling the coat on his first photoshoot at Pembrey Beach.

Daisy Dreams fleece coat

lurcher coat greyhound coat in daisy dreams designWhenever we’ve sold floral patterned fleeces in the past, they’ve always done well. Our Daisy Dreams fleece coat is a lovely one – a zingy aqua cuddle fleece with pretty daisies on it. The cuddle fleece is soft, warm and cosy and the longer pile means we’ve also used a slightly wider Velcro on the girth fastening. As usual, it’s still washable and Dixie our little lurcher has been testing this one. As well as looking adorable, the coat has stood up to plenty of wear, with her wearing it to training classes and for days out on the beach, rolling in seaweed and clambering over dunes, as well as on her usual adventures chasing squirrels in the park. Be prepared for random strangers stroking your dog when wearing this one – it acts as a magnet!

Pink with zebra fleece coat

lurcher coat in pink zebra designI’ve never had a response like the one we had when we launched our zebra with pink fleece – it flew out and is still selling phenomenally well.

This new zebra coat is a variation on the theme. We’ve reversed the pattern, so now the body of the coat is a beautiful bright pink with zebra trim on the neck, binding and girth strap. It looks very smart and stylish, and I think it’s going to be popular, especially with the girls.

Mono zebra fleece coat

lurcher coat in mono zebra designA new departure for us – we’ve used black fleece to make the body of this coat and have trimmed it with zebra. When this first came back from the workshop, I was distinctly underwhelmed but as soon as we put it on Dixie, it immediately sprang to life. This mono zebra fleece coat looks absolutely stunning on a black dog – I was amazed at how good it looks.

We’ve also got a few more new lines in production – a gorgeously pretty cerise pink fabric for bandanas and a very exciting new fabric that I think will be a hit. More on that soon.

It’s Crufts this week, and I’ll be going up on Thursday, which this year is Hound Day. A big shout out to all the pointies taking part - I know that the RGT will be flying the flag to share the pleasures of owning a greyhound, and Perry Barr RGT branch will also have a stall in the shopping area. On a personal note, I’m thrilled that Rally (I do this with Dixie our lurcher) will be featuring for the first time with the Inter-regionals also taking place on Thursday, so good luck to everyone taking part in that. I’m very hopeful that this competition will be included in the TV coverage – if so, it will bring the sport to a deservedly wider audience. If you’re going, have a wonderful day.

Published: 7th March 2017