Milgi Coats is two years old

Milgi Coats is two years oldTwo years ago, we were nervously putting the finishing touches to our website and preparing to open for our first customers. Since then, it’s been a wonderful two years which has absolutely flown by. Our purple mailing envelopes have travelled all over the world, and our tent has crisscrossed the country at countless shows and events. 

I love celebrations and particularly like birthdays, so thought we should do something special to mark the occasion. Although the actual date of Milgi’s birthday is August 13th, we’ve designated a fortnight for celebrations, between the 1st and the 14th August. 

We’ve just taken delivery of some lovely celebration dog cookies from the wonderful Doggy Bags Bakery. These will be going out with coat orders and to some of our special friends over the next couple of weeks. If your dog has ever had their treats, you’ll know how tasty they are.  A friend told me her husband had eaten a cheese flavoured one, and said it was really delicious!      

As you know, we have a passion for rescue and the wonderful work they do. So, for every coat order placed between 1st and 14th August, we’ll be putting aside £1 and at the end of the fortnight, this will be donated to two of our favourite rescues – Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue, and 112 Carlota Galgos. We’ll also be donating some of our special Dreamcoats, both to Sighthound rescues and to those lovely Staffies at Senior Staffy Club. 

There will also be some surprises, so keep an eye on our Facebook page. If you think of a brilliant idea to help us celebrate, then please do get in touch.   

I’ll be sharing some of our milestones and memories in a future email. And I know it’s even further ahead, but I’ve also started thinking about our Annual Photo Dog Show which will be taking place as usual in January. We couldn’t of course be celebrating without the support of our customers – so a huge thank you to everyone who’s purchased items from us, and provided feedback and support.

Published: 31st July 2014