Limited Edition Union Jack Walking Out Coat

greyhound union jack walking out coatAs you know, we’re proud to be supporting this year’s Great British Greyhound Walk and have been selling our special Limited Edition Union Jack Walking Out Coat and Fleece Housecoat, which has helped to raise funds. If you’ve bought a coat from us in the past few months, you will probably have seen one of the little Save the Date cards that we’ve been putting in with every order. We’ve been thrilled so far with the response to the coats – each one sold will contribute £5 to the GBGW pot. To ensure that all orders are guaranteed to be made and delivered in time for the walk, the coats will be removed from our website at midnight on Monday 8th June, so you have only a couple of days left to get one if you haven’t yet. Some of the other items in the GBGW shop will also be disappearing soon, for similar reasons (things like embroidered Tshirts, collars etc) so keep an eye on the website and GBGW Facebook page for more information.

We’re going to be attending the Tredegar Walk, which is held at Brynbach Park. The park is lovely, with a flat, level stroll round the lake which is suitable for buggies and wheelchairs. There’s plenty of free parking and a café, toilets and outside seating area just right for lounging with a hound. All the walkers will be receiving medals, a certificate and a goody bag of treats. We’re going to this walk as Brynbach Park holds a special place in our affections. When we adopted our very first greyhound, Andy, from Greyhound Rescue Wales we were offered the opportunity to walk him at the park before adopting him. I can still vividly remember taking a shy, black hound for a walk round the lake and deciding we liked him and wanted to bring him home. That was over nine years ago, and Andy is still with us, a bit greyer than he was, and now of course joined by a family of other beautiful pointies. The park will always be special for us though as that’s where I feel everything started.

I love the way the walk has grown year by year, and is now a fully fledged international event – 11 walks in New Zealand this year! It’s great to see people from all the different rescue and adoption groups coming together and simply promoting what wonderful companions our hounds make. Again, this year, we’ve been proud to make special coats for the Ambassador, Jack Alford who’s walking over at Brandon, exploring the lovely Thetford Forest. Our hounds will be proudly wearing their GBGW bandanas – we’ll be taking Sara (our stripey brindle girl) and Dixie, our new lurcher, whose bandana reads “Honorary Greyhound”. I’ve got the job of bringing the goody bags so it will be an interesting challenge to make sure they don’t get munched in the back of the car on the journey to the park!

lamb coats for hugletts wood farm from milgi coatsSome other news – we had an amazing response to the recent pictures of the lamb coats we made. Take a look at our Facebook page if you want to see some gorgeous little lambs in their beautiful Dreamcoats. We are going to be making more for the Sanctuary, in a range of different sizes so that next winter all the lambs that come in will have warm coats from day one until they no longer need them. It's been a lovely job making them, and we are so grateful to Enfys for letting us know about the Sanctuary and suggesting this idea. We will of course continue to make our Dreamcoats for greyhounds, lurchers and Staffies so if you know of a rescue that needs these, do please ask them to get in touch with us.

Published: 8th June 2015