Lamb Coats and Blog Tester

lamb coats from milgi coatsWe’re having a really busy week in the run up to the Greyhound Extravaganza and we hope to see lots of you there.

However, one of our lovely customers sent us a really great request a couple of days ago. She asked if we could make coats for some orphaned baby lambs living at the Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary in Sussex. Well, we couldn’t resist a challenge like that and as I write, they are heading off on their long journey to our customer and thence to the Sanctuary, who are having an open day on the weekend. They don’t have a website but you can read all about the various animals and their adventures on their Facebook page. As well as the coats we are making for these little ones, we are adding the Sanctuary to our Dreamcoat programme, so that we can make them some more coats in a range of sizes ready for year’s lambs.

Before I set up the business, I used to be a keen blogger though time pressures have now led to me reluctantly stopping. There are some truly brilliant blogs out there, and if you have a specific interest they can often be a treasure trove of information and expertise. I was recently contacted by a blogger who adopted a greyhound last year (and then another!) and wanted, like most of us, to tell the world about her new passion. She’s focussing on greyhound related products this week and today’s post relates to some of our items that we sent her to try out. We welcome this sort of independent testing and comment, and if you have an established greyhound blog, we always welcome contact and are happy to supply samples. You can read the blog, Mundane Sundays, here – and why not start one yourself?

As the business has become bigger and better known, we’ve noticed that we now receive more requests for help from various rescues and fundraisers. Last week, I got sent a very special email. The well known online forum Sighthounds for life are running an online auction between 6th and 13th June and one of the items will be one of our navy spot fleece coats (one of the newest additions to our range). The auction is being run as a memorial tribute to a lady called Kath Walmsley who was a passionate campaigner for greyhound welfare and sadly passed away due to a brain tumour. This seems like a lovely and very positive way to remember someone - all the money raised will go to the Mr. Cedric trust for greyhound welfare.

Finally, an update on some behind the scenes work we’re doing. Andrew is often the unsung hero of the business, but it’s thanks to him that the website stays running. He’s been doing more work recently on making both the UK and the site (for our international customers) more user-friendly if you are browsing with a mobile or tablet. If you’ve used the site in this format, and have any comments, please do send them in. Also brewing – a new product for us! The prototype is currently in production and will start testing next week. It should be of particular interest if, like me, you enjoy training with your dog. We try to take all of ours at some point to the relevant and appropriate classes and next week, Dixie our new lurcher will begin classes with Shaun Kenvyn, our trainer. In the longer term, I’m hoping she will graduate to doing Rally – I can already see that she’s very bright and think she will enjoy this. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll have seen her modelling her new coats and if you are coming on the weekend, you’ll have a chance to meet her.

Published: 27th May 2015