Hi Viz Greyhound Coat

Greyhound Rescue Wales - RaymondWe had a really enjoyable day on Saturday, attending Greyhound Rescue Wales’ Hound Dog Day over at St. Athan, near Cardiff Airport. There were lots of hounds to cuddle, and it was great to catch up with friends.

We bumped into one of GRW’s foster carers who we see regularly, currently looking after the gorgeous stripy boy Raymond, shown on the left, and we were having a great natter. In the course of this we ended up talking about greyhound coats, and he mentioned what he was looking for. With autumn approaching, he was looking for something that would help make his greyhound more visible when out on winter evenings in the park. He’d tried those little flashing lights you attach to a collar, but they are definitely not greyhound proof!

I came home with my thinking cap on, and we have started work on a prototype. We’re using high visibility material (the sort used for making hi viz human safety clothing) and the reflective tape (again, the sort used for humans) and we’re working on a hi viz greyhound coat that will ensure you can be safely seen from a distance.

If all goes well, we are aiming to launch the new hi viz greyhound coat at the Great Greyhound Gathering on the 20th September 2014. This will be just in time for the darker evenings, and I hope it will provide a useful, and safety conscious product.

More generally, it also illustrates beautifully why I love attending shows so much, as it’s great to hear at first hand from customers about what you want and how we can improve things.

Published: 3rd September 2014