Greyhound Coats in Mocha and Coral

greyhound fleece coats modelled by poppy and henryThe nights are starting to get chilly again and Callie is wearing her fleece coat at night. It’s a good time to share our very newest addition to our fleeces – the coral/mocha and mocha/coral greyhound/ whippet and lurcher fleece coats.

The colour combination is another one of those happy accidents. I had bought the coral fleece a while ago and knew it needed a partner but wasn’t quite sure which way to go with it. When the mocha fleece came in to the workshop, I could easily see the partnership working. We made up some sample coats and knew we wanted to add them to the range.

It’s a very understated partnership – warm and relaxed, which looks beautiful on a fawn or brindle but honestly, really doesn’t suit a black hound. It’s also one of those colour combinations (rather like the dark chocolate) which looks much nicer in real life than it does in a photograph. Like all our fleeces, it’s lined in a co-ordinating soft cotton flannel, which is breathable. We’ll be bringing sample fleeces along to the Great Greyhound Gathering 2015 in a couple of weeks (are you getting excited yet?) so if you’re not sure, see us on the stall, or as always, we are very happy to send out swatches.

Don’t forget that if you like one of our fleeces but would prefer it with a different colour trim, we are always happy to mix and match for you. The mocha for instance would look gorgeous paired with our dark chocolate. Get in touch if you would like to discuss your own perfect colour combination.

We lost our own beautiful fawn boy Boola back in 2012 so the hunt was on, for the first time ever, to find a suitable model for our website photographs that wasn’t one of our own hounds. All greyhounds are gorgeous, but some are particularly photogenic and one in particular jumped to our notice. Like so many hounds these days, Henry has his own Facebook page, and I knew he was used to being photographed, and was a stunner. Henry Henry is a dashing hound who spends his retirement helping to raise funds for other greyhounds to find their forever home. He lives with an equally gorgeous long term foster sister called Poppy. Both of them came to their home via Greyhound Rescue Wales, one of our local greyhound charities through whom we’ve also adopted and fostered. Having read tales of supermodel divas, we approached Henry Henry’s booking secretary with some trepidation. Would he refuse to get out of bed for anything less than ten thousand sausages? Happily for us, he loved the idea.

We’ve donated his modelling fee to Greyhound Rescue Wales and are also donating a greyhound coat of their choice for one of their kennel greyhounds so once again Henry Henry is helping other greyhounds find a home. We had a fabulous modelling session at Tredegar House on Saturday afternoon, one of our local National Trust properties with spacious, dog friendly grounds (and plenty of squirrels!). As we expected, Henry Henry was brilliant and we also took a few pics of Poppy his gorgeous sister. We took plenty of sausages with us and Dixie came along too.

The mocha and coral fleece coats are now for sale on the website and we hope you enjoy admiring some pictures of Henry Henry as a change from our own greyhounds.

Published: 7th September 2015