Scuba Coats

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that from today we have in stock all sizes of our gorgeous new scuba coats for greyhounds and lurchers.

scuba coat for greyhounds in moonlight garden design

moonlight garden scuba coat for greyhounds lurchers and whippets

Our first design is Moonlight Garden, a beautiful design that’s covered in flower blossoms and individual flowers, with the odd peacock feather, all gently bathed in a soft moonlight glow.

greyhound raincoat in scuba fabric

Dog Blankets

We've introduced two new dog blankets - a beautiful turquoise fleece with cerise floral binding and appliqued heart and a navy fleece with stunning floral binding and appliqued heart.

dog blanket and sofa throw in turquoise with cerise floral design

dog blanket and sofa throw in navy fleece with navy floral design

As well as being snuggly blankets they also make wonderful sofa throws, bed throws, chair throws and are perfect for keeping in the car or caravan for when you need an extra layer. See our range of dog blankets and sofa throws.


Dog Bandanas

We've introduced two new floral dog bandanas - a beautiful cerise floral bandana and a stunning navy floral bandana.

greyhound bandana in cerise floral cotton poplin

greyhound bandana in navy floral cotton poplin