Greyhound Coats: Recommended Colours for Different Greyhound and Lurcher Colours

We often get asked by new greyhound adopters about which colour coat we'd recommend for a particular coloured dog. So, we thought it would helpful to showcase some of our favourites that particularly suit the main colours. Don't forget, we are always happy to chat on the phone if you want some advice or assistance.

Brindle Coloured Greyhounds and Lurchers

Many of you will know Sara our amazing brindle supermodel, she's a typical brindle with beautiful orange and black stripes. Our favourite coats for brindles include our bramble fleece, the leopardskin fleece range, and our overall favourite for this colour hound, the lovely dark chocolate fleece coat.

brindle greyhound in dark chocolate greyhound coatbrindle greyhound in leopard greyhound coatbrindle lurcher in bramble coloured fleece coatgreyhound coat in bright red for brindle greyhounds

Black and White “Moo” Greyhounds and Lurchers

These hounds look wonderful in red as you can see from the pictures, so our red fleece coat, red snowflakes or Father Christmas coats are fantastic choices. Another great look is our zebra fleece coat, the bold monochrome is perfect for these hounds. In general, they also look amazing in bright jewel colours, so royal blue, turquoise and emerald green all look wonderful. Colours to avoid - steer clear of dark brown, light fawns, creams and very soft pastels.

greyhound coat in blue for black and white greyhoundsblack and white greyhound in red snowflakes greyhound coatgreyhound coat for black and white greyhounds christmasgreyhound coat for black and white greyhounds red star

Blue and Blue Brindle Greyhounds and Lurchers

For smooth haired hounds like greyhounds, this is a stunning smoky grey blue and for longer haired lurchers, especially those deerhound/wolfhound crosses, there's a more silvery tone to the blue. As you'd expect, blue and teal coloured coats work brilliantly for these hounds, and our charcoal coats look great as well. They also suit surprisingly bright jewel colours and look amazing in red, deep berry tones and bright blue toned pinks coats. Colours to avoid - not many, but steer clear of creams, browns and soft apricots.

blue greyhound in jewel coloured greyhound coatlurcher coat in charcoal for blue and grey houndslurcher coat for grey lurchers

We couldn't mention blue greyhounds without talking about our beloved Callie. Callie was black in her younger days, but in middle age she went the most beautiful and distinguished iron grey with a very distinct blue tinge. We looked at her pedigree online and she had several blue relatives including her Mum. We made her this beautiful Snow Princess coat for winter parties and events and it showcases beautifully her colouring. We used a very pale blue velvet, marabou trim, icy crystal organza and trimmings of Swarovski crystals and snowflakes. It's the most intricate coat we've made and totally fitting for our beautiful diva, who we still miss every day. If there's a black hound in your life who's turned grey, use our guidelines for blue hounds to help you choose the right coat.

callie princess

Gold, Fawn, Cream and Blonde Greyhounds and Lurchers

These are glamorous hounds that usually photograph brilliantly and they suit a wide variety of colours. We especially like the blue and gold colourway, so royal blue and turquoise coats will look great, but the girls also look amazing in a bold cerise pink coat. Surprisingly the monochrome look works well for them too.

blue greyhound coat from milgicoatsfawn greyhound in black and white greyhound coatblonde lurcher in bright pink fleece coatgreyhound coat in blue for fawn coloured greyhounds